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Available in a range of equally delicious flavors, our cupcakes are like nothing you've tried before!


There’s nothing plain about our Vanilla cupcakes! Made with Organic Spelt Flour, Almond Milk, Organic Sunflower Oil, and Organic Vegan Cane Sugar all topped with the fluffiest “butta”creme frosting! Choose between Regular and with Sprinkles. We only use 100% Vegan sprinkles which are made with plant-based colors. No artificial dyes in our products!


Our fresh baked and flavorful Strawberry cupcakes are the perfect balance of strawberry cake and strawberry frosting. They are made with Organic Strawberries, Organic Spelt Flour, Almond Milk, Organic Sunflower Oil, and Organic Vegan Cane Sugar! 

(For shipping purposes, our strawberry cupcakes do not come topped with fresh strawberries)

Cookies N Cream

This is one of our top sellers! We bake with all-natural chocolate sandwich cookies throughout our fluffy cupcakes. Topped with “butta” creme frosting, cookie crumbs, and a sandwich cookie! Made with Organic Spelt Flour, Organic Sunflower Oil, Almond Milk, and Organic Vegan Cane Sugar.

Cookie Butter

This one is a fan favorite! If you're familiar with Cookie Butter then you already know how those warm spices and flavors come through. Ours is filled with Biscoff Cookie Butter inside a Cookie Butter cupcake, topped with light and fluffy Cookie Butter frosting, a drizzle, a few crumbs, and a Biscoff Cookie for good measure! Perfection!


These options contains: Wheat, Almonds


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