Chocolate Parfait


Layers of mocha cake crumbs and a blend of coconut cream, cocoa, chocolate chips, & espresso - combine to create this yummy dessert... Topped off with a dark chocolate-covered espresso bean.

Strawberry Parfait


Alternating levels of coconut cream, fresh strawberries, and our one-of-a-kind strawberry or vanilla cake - come together for a refreshing, sweet treat.

Chocolate Nirvana Brownies


Why Nirvana? Once you taste the unique combination of this decadent brownie, topped off with s'more-like qualities... melted marshmallows, crisp graham crackers, & drizzled chocolate... Nirvana will be your experience.

Banana Pudding


A southern classic that we made vegan! This one is a winnerfor sure! Our house made custard, house made vanilla cookies, fresh baked vanilla cake, and layered with freshlu cut bananas. We top it with a rosette of frosting and a drizzle! YES, PLEASE!

Vegan Delights (TWINKEES) 2pk


Our vegan version of the classic twinkie, but chocolate and way better for you! These cuties come 2 per package.

The Crispy 2pk


Yes we did!! Vegan marshmallows, Vegan butter, and Rice cereal. Simple yet AMAZING! We add a little Buttafly Kisses Love to our Crispy Treats! These sell out quickly!

Fudge Walnut Brownie


Our classic brownie with chopped walnut baked right into the batter. We top it with a smooth layer of fudge and sprinkle it with more chopped walnuts.

Brookie Bites


These bites are our favorites! It's a mashup of our brownie and chocolate chip cookies baked together in a brownie and drizzled with chocolate! We cut them into four bite sized squares for you to enjoy bite by decadent bite!

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